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New York Fashion Week, Tech style nyc & Queen of Raw

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New York City, NY - This New York Fashion Week, our fantastic partners Queen of Raw showcased the LED Ribbon and Carley Rose LED Ribbon embroidered dress a the Tech Style NYC showcase event. Many people enjoyed to learn about our e-Textile, thanks to Stephanie Benedetto introducing them to our LED Ribbon. As e-Textiles are new, it was a great chance to not only feel and touch the LED Ribbon, but also to see how it can be combined together with fashion thanks to the Carley Rose dress using embroidery.

Stephanie gives a great review about Queen of Raw and shares her thoughts about fashion tech in the interview on 360Fashion Network News. When asked if fashion designers should be afraid of embracing new tech enabled textiles, Stephanie confidently encourages them not to be afraid, but to embrace the new.

DO NOT BE AFRAID! We want to empower designers to use innovative and sustainable materials in their collections. Our focus is not just on getting you the materials, but on providing you with ongoing support as well. We connect designers with local partners trained in best practices and advice, promote products made with our materials, and even assist with manufacturing. This gives designers more time to focus on doing what they do best–designing!

-- Stephanie Benedetto, CEO Queen of Raw

We are thrilled to have had a mention in Fortune Magazine and see many designers coming to touch and feel our product. This is where it starts: the possibility to see how the LEDs are embedded into the ribbon, where the connection points are - this starts their creative ideas flowing!

Of course, women went wild for Carley Rose's LED Ribbon Dress creation with her soft rose fruit-dyed dress. Have a look underneath the beading to see how Carley used the LED Ribbon to illuminated the beads and add an additional edge to an already intricate creation here. Carley's dress will be next showcased at Sydney's Fashion Fringe event on September 21st, 2016. So if you are down under be sure to stop by to touch and feel it for yourself.

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