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More Sustainability in Electronics

Carley Rose debuts the LED Ribbon Dress at Fashion Fringe Australia Sept 2016

Carley Rose will be showcasing her #LEDRibbon Dress at Fashion Fringe in Sydney September 21st. Be sure to stay tuned because the girl is ripping it up with sustainability and technology. No synthetic dyes were used while making the color and fabric of the dress. The dress was hand dyed using raspberries and then hand beaded with using the LED Ribbon (see the process here:

One of the main points about sustainability and electronics is that normally, LEDs are on hard metal copper plating strips, unbendable, and not very comfortable -- not to mention needing bigger battery power to light them up. Not in the case of the #LEDRibbon which is not using copper backing, but rather a soft fabric ribbon which can decompose. The remaining connected thread, micro LEDs, and the small controller leave little left over. A small step in the direction of more sustainability in electronics.

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