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Fashion and function in your every day apparel


Amsterdam, Netherlands - Libet, a brand producing fashion handbags for modern women, has used our LED Ribbon to create fun, fashionable, and highly visible LED handbags. The bags use our high quality ribbon to delicately light up these leather handbags.

Made with the thought of a sustainable lifestyle of biking, the bags make a great accessory to wear at a nightclub, but double up as additional visibility when riding home at night. The LIBET Bags have 4 different lighting modes: electro strobe (a very fast flashing light), dance floor (a light that blinks at 120rmb per min in time to any fast paced tune), relaxed haze (a slow blinking mode designed for indoor cocktail events), and starlight (a very slow fading effect).

Created for a modern woman's work-to-play lifestyle, the LIBET bags are easy to care for and use a common coin (watch) battery--CR1220--for the lights that is available in any supermarket or electronic kiosk. The LIBET Bags will be available for pre-order on our website starting August 2016.

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