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Designer Carley Rose Mixes Embroidery & LED Ribbon

A meeting of handwork and new technology

Meet Carley Rose, a young designer from Australia who is combining her hand embroidery skills, together with new technologies. Based on her graduate collection of sustainably dyed fabrics, Carley Rose came to Beijing, China in the summer and met us after her debut collection at the China Graduate Fashion Week with Raffles College of Designer & Arts Sydney.

Inspired by the LED Ribbon's flexibility, Carley Rose immediately saw the opportunity to amplify the light with small beads sewn nearby and on top of her unique gown she was commissioned to make for a local celebrity. The LED Ribbon was flexible enough for her to bend it into place, and a true fabric ribbon so she could pierce through it, anchoring it to her base fabric.

Here, Carley Rose, has first stitched the ribbon in place, bending it in loops, to ensure the connection remains, and NOT bending it at 90 degrees or pinching the wires so as to interrupt the electricity flow.

Carley Rose chose not to have all the lights on at the same time, so she flips some over so they will not show. Others she makes space for them so that they will illuminate. Carley Rose works with the lights on, so she can see if something she is doing will disrupt the electrical flow and turn off the lights. 

We are so excited to see the final results in the next two weeks of the entire dress! 

Here Carlie Rose shares with us about her technique and shows us how she handles the ribbon in the fabric with the beading together.

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